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If there are no purchases of BLITZMINERs in the amount of $50 or more within an hour after you, then the entire amount of JACKPOT will automatically be credited to your wallet. This is guaranteed by a smart contract


1. Approve BUSD
0 BUSD approved
2. Deposit BUSD
To redeposit, turn off the auto-compounder.
min 0, max 0
3. Auto-Compounder
Auto-Compounding occurs every 12 hours. Disabling the auto-compounder resets 6-1 progress and it can take 12+ hours to sync with the automation schedule!
to unlock deposit min. 250 BUSD


Invest: 100 BUSD

Receive: 0 BLITZMINERs

Daily reward up to: 0 BUSD

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To maximize rewards compound within:
0% Tier bonus from BLITZ  
Tier 1: 5000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.1% compounding bonus with each compound up to 1.1%
Tier 2: 15000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.2% compounding bonus with each compound up to 2.2%
Tier 3: 22000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.3% compounding bonus with each compound up to 3.3%
Tier 4: 34000 BLITZ gives a stacking 0.5% compounding bonus with each compound up to 5.5%
Tier 5: 68000 BLITZ gives a stacking 1% compounding bonus with each compound up to 11%
0% BLITZ loyalty bonus  
An additional stacking 0.1% compounding bonus up to 1.1% is given as a loyalty bonus to anyone who holds over 34000 Blitz tokens. This loyalty bonus stacks with the bonus tiers.
Compound Multiplier: - Times
Resets after each 6-1 cycle.

Time until next compound tier bonus can be activated:


Current automation day:

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You should be aware of all the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Invest at your own risk! Before you invest, you must read our documents, because they contain all important information about the project and the risks, the project administration is not responsible for lost investments, questions that will be associated with the fact that you have lost your money will not be considered!
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